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Does Alcohol Age Us? Big Study Links Excessive Drinking and Aging

Researchers are also studying the possibility that alcoholic liver disease might be caused, at least in part, by your immune system attacking healthy body tissues. In this analysis, the researchers investigated the association between alcohol intake and telomere length in over 245,000 participants in the UK Biobank. They used a genetic approach called Mendelian Randomisation (MR), the first time this has been applied to investigate the effects of alcohol on aging. This method uses ‘genetic proxies’ to predict the level of exposure for each participant.

To find alcohol treatment for yourself or a loved does alcohol make you look older one, visit the NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator.

Vision, Hearing, Reaction Time More Impaired for Older People

Attend a support group like Al-Anon, which is designed for the friends and family of people with alcohol problems, or seek out individual counseling. The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone and help is available to support both you and your elderly family member or friend. It’s just to point out that it probably doesn’t give you wrinkles.

  • The results show that the clock ticks faster among heavy alcohol drinkers but slower among light to moderate drinkers.
  • The most likely suspect, according to the study’s co-authors, is acetaldehyde — a toxic side product of breaking down ethanol.
  • For example, an older person who drinks one glass of wine may not be competent to drive a car or operate machinery even though their blood alcohol level is below the legal threshold.
  • But with age, your body’s ability to keep your blood pressure high enough if you get dehydrated, or stand up too quickly, begins to slow down.
  • People may be unable to drink alcohol without feeling sick as a result of a hangover, lack of sleep or food, or alcohol intolerance.

That’s why you often have to urinate more frequently when you’re drinking. If someone requires support with their alcohol use, they can speak with a doctor to discuss the recommended guidelines for alcohol intake. Research shows that older females are more sensitive than males to the effects of alcohol. Patient does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The study was conducted in over 2,000 individuals including both healthy participants and persons living with HIV. Drinking alcohol directly accelerates biological aging, according to the largest ever study on the impacts of alcohol on DNA.

Alcohol And Its Effects On Aging

Abusing alcohol can cause the body to age in a number of ways and has been directly linked to premature aging. Alcohol can affect every part of the body, and chronic heavy drinking can cause significant damage to the organs and other body parts. Additionally, one study found that alcohol causes the body to age on a cellular level, which can increase a person’s risk of age-related diseases. Older people also need to think about alcohol’s effects on medical issues that younger people usually don’t deal with. For example, older people might have heart problems or ulcers, both of which can be made worse by drinking alcohol.

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